PSK-40D/60D Internal AC/DC Power Supplies

Heya Folks,

Just got an interesting parts newsletter from Digikey and something piqued my interest - the 40 and 60 watt CUI power supplies, as listed in the title.

Curious if anyone has stacked these - like 10x 48V power supplies in series to create 480V B+ output for say, an EL34 or KT88 tube amplifier?

Any experience is welcome.


I can’t comment on stacking these, however, I can say that the 150mV of noise on the output of these power supplies could made them less than ideal for an audio application.

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Hi Kristof,

Thank you kindly for the response. I agree the 150mV of noise is high for something like a preamp and definately out of the question for a phono stage, luckily push-pull tube amps are very tolerant of PSU ripple due to the topology and driver stage driver decoupling… which is far easier at 50+ KHz than 120Hz (we did a mobile tube power supply switching at 80KHz and providing 250V). The output stage naturally cancels ripple as well as the output transformers in these will act as a choke.

My concern with these convenient “brick” modules is reliability in series, so that the outputs are floating, other than the top and bottom module :thinking:

May have to “Just Do It!” and report back with experience for others :slight_smile: