Hello have small repair bench working on RM Italy klv1000p high drive sweep tube amp. the b

board that holds and connects the four tubes together has parasitic resistors 47k 5% 5watt with three wraps of 0.8mm wire wraps the pic is just an example. my question is could these be replaced with another component to achieve same inductance if so i need four if not i just need the resistors as mentioned above. thanks for your help fyi the board number is cs 1000.01A http://www.cbradio.nl/rm/ServiceManual_RM_KLV1000P_V4_ENG_ITA.pdf
see Lbx4 on schematic

I think found solution please advise if this is not VISHAY-CW00547K00JE73-WIREWOUND RESISTOR,47KOHM, thanks pupski


I do not see any stock available for part number CW00547K00JE73. However, using the basic specs from your original message, and allowing a few higher power ratings (Watts) and tighter tolerances (+/-5% to +/-1%) to give you a few extra parts to work with, I have the following results for parts that are currently in stock: [click here https://www.digikey.com/short/zd2w1r ].

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