What can I use as a replacement

I tested this resistor and it’s out of tolorence. It’s reading at 380 ohm and it’s rated at 350 with 5% is there an updated or different resistor I can use. It’s in a tube amplifier.


The CPR-5 series resistor is not currently stocked by Digi-Key. This chassis mount resistor has a specific mounting feature and we would not have an stocking alternative to offer. The 5 watt, 350 ohm options we stock are axial. Those part numbers are 25J350E-ND and ALSR5J-350-ND

Here’s the last data sheet for the original series.

Here’s the datasheet for the currently available version of this series.

Looking at your picture I suspect the lead length may have been a semi-custom shorter version of the standard length options. There might not be able any way to get a single piece of this part from normal electronics parts distributors. The best bet is to contact the company that manufactures the amp and ask them to sell you a replacement part or find a company that specializes in parts for the type of tube amplifier you have.

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I appreciate all the help. I ended up contacting carvin amps. Hopefully someone gets back to me.

If Carvin won’t sell you the part then I would use a generic replacement with careful custom mounting.

  1. Buy a 350Ω, 5%, 5W, +/-400ppm or lower, +225°C or higher operating range, roughly the same size, Metal Oxide power resistor (don’t use a wire wound resistor as the inductance may be a problem)
  2. Carefully measure the free air space around the existing resistor (not just to the PCB but to the cabinet/chassis as well)
  3. Remove the existing resistor
  4. Install the new resistor so that it has the same free air space as the old resistor

The existing part with pre-set height leads was almost certainly only chosen by Carvin to ensure proper airspace without measuring or using an assembly fixture.