PWM signals output : the 3-inverter electrical drive board


Recently, we have purchased a 3-inverter electrical drive board (for motorsolver equipment).

We are having trouble to run the MotorSolver equipment using the inverter output PWM signals ABC.

After commissioning the 3-inverter electrical drive board (for motorsolver equipment) we are having trouble getting the PWM signals output from the board (from the A1B1C1, A2B2C2, and A3B3C3).

I can run the motor from the DC voltage source but not from the PWM output signals A1B1C1, A2B2C2, and A3B3C3.

I am trying to implement the lab manuals but it’s not working.

Any suggestion for troubleshooting the problem would be very much appreciated.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Hello @Habib_AUS and welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum.

I did talk with a few people here at Digi-Key and unfortunately don’t have anyone who has worked with this board. The Manual that is available online was done with the University of MN and has a suggested contact email of That would likely be the fastest way to get an answer for your questions.



Thanks Robert