QSH2818-32-07-006-8K - Encoder wire adapter included?


I purchased a stepper motor with built-in encoder last week from Digikey, MPN# QSH2818-32-07-006-8K.
It did not include a wire adapter for the encoder.
I purchased the same product previously from Mouser, and it included the adapter.
Is the adapter part of the standard product? Or do I need to order it separately? If so, what is the part number? The manual makes reference to a cable connector by HSUAN MAO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD that doesn’t seem to be available with distributors.


It’s unclear from the documentation if an encoder leadwire assembly is intended to ship with the product. I’ll look into that.

It appears likely however that the connector used is a clone of JST’s SH series, the 9-position housings for such being found here and corresponding pre-crimped leads here. It’s a somewhat genericized connector series, so there’s a fair chance that the similar housing from TE may work also.