Radiant heating assist

Radiant heat system in soffit of home about 7’ off floor. Not efficient - heat rising to ceiling peak. Goal: small - less than 6" - fan that can either be hard wired, or battery powered (better), that can be controlled by a remote switch to turn on and off.

As a room warms up, remote could switch on the fan for cycles of time until desired room temperature is reached. I don’t think high revolutions are needed… I would want to keep fan noise at a minimum too.

Thank you - How do I hear your reply?


An internet search for “remote control outlet” should return results for a fair number of finished-goods consumer products that allow control of an AC circuit using a remote control device, and small AC fans are likely also available at many of the retailers that would carry such products. Such an approach would likely give you a reasonable result for less cost and effort than assembling a solution from component-level products of the sort which are Digi-Key’s primary product of trade. Standard ceiling fans with remote control features are also available, and might be a good option if space permits.

Small-diameter fans don’t move a great deal of air, and tend to make a relatively large amount of noise in the process of doing so. They also consume a fair bit of electricity, so a battery-powered unit likely to give a decent result in terms of comfort level would probably require frequent battery changes, and prove unsatisfying from that perspective.

This said, if you would still like to pursue a more build-it-yourself sort of solution, FOBLOQF-4S1-ND is a single-channel remote control device which might be suitable. Similar devices offering multiple control channels are also available.