Raspberry Pi PoE Hat Fan problem

Can you purchase the just the 25x25mm fan for the Pi PoE Hat, part# ADDA AD0205MX-K59
We have had some failures and noisy fans.


Welcome to the Digi-Key Technical Forum. We acually are not a distributor for Adda though I do see that part number on other websites. Though I was not able to find a data sheet for the fan. The closest I can find is part number 1570-1113-ND for the size and voltage. Though take note that this will only have bare wires and no connector. You can review it and see if you can make it work. Sorry. The Adda part pulls up on the Internet . Just no information.

I recommend asking over at the official Raspberry Pi forum. The actual designers of the product are there as well as many users who repair/upgrade their own RasPi’s.

Hi @purchasingRPL ,

I also see we don’t carry this exact fan currently with variable speed option. If you are okay with fully on, below would be a couple good options to look over for a great price as you can get two fans for quite a bit less than buying separately:

Click here for 1738-FIT0817-ND | 1597-1551-ND