RE: Making PWM work on the BBAI w/ the Comp. Layer


I look in /dev/bone/ dir. and find nothing but i2c so far when I follow the rules on the Comp. Layer for the BBAI.

Is there another tutorial I should be following outside of lorforlinux’ tutorial on it?


P.S. I have tried with numeral kernels and images, i.e. 5.4.x w/ --ti-channel and --bone-channel. I have also tried with 4.19.x w/ the same channels. Any recommendations would be helpful…

Also…if you know of a way I can test to see if the Layer is available to date on a particular image, please do let me know.

Hi @silver2row, this project is still underway, please use the exact configuration recommended by the 2020 GSOC student. You need the latest bootloader and v4.19.x-ti kernel.

This image should contain all of that:

But you need to ping the author:



Thank you, sir.