Ubuntu Server 20.04

I was wondering… will RobertCNelson be releasing an Ubuntu Server 20.04 ISO for installing on the Beaglebone Black ?

Hi @milesbdyson, I’ve got a ‘base’ root file system listed here:


I just have not had a free moment to do a “blessed” release on elinux :slight_smile:


I have been merging all our packages from 18.04 -> 20.04 so i think i’m pretty close.


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That’s Great!! … no rush like i said i was just wondering/hoping. thank you for your hard work maintaining this for the Beaglebone Black as i so do appreciate it as i am sure others that prefer and use the Beaglebone Black do…

I think one of my biggest questions for 20.04, do we do the whole connman/etc for usb0/usb1/SoftAp0 like we do in debian, or this time do we just let end user’s deal with ubuntu’s netplan.io network setup?

With 18.04 it was a little fun to drop ubuntu’s netplan.io setup and convert it to connman…


From my personal experience with connman, i fond it much easier and straight forward when setting up the network… static ip’s and wifi… for it was all done threw terminal with a few basic commands, at one time i did go threw trying to edit or create the file for the netplan method and found it a bit confusing with formatting things just right, for the less savvy user my money would be on the connmanctl method for i think its a bit more user friendly, but thats just my thoughts, not sure what work would be involved in keeping the connman… and as for the usb communication methods myself personally i remove or disable all that and simply ssh into the boards for my network. but i can see how some users would need to use the usb for initial communications at the very least…

Hi @RobertCNelson, I just wanted to follow up on this to see if there have any been update regarding the release on elinux?
I’m about the purchase a Beaglebone Black and use the instructions you linked here https://www.digikey.com/eewiki/display/linuxonarm/BeagleBone+Black#BeagleBoneBlack-Ubuntu20.04LTS :slight_smile:

For elinux, still lots of testing, i’ve had some issue reports from other users that i’m working on:

For those directions, just grab the latest rootfs:

i’ve got a build from last week: https://rcn-ee.net/rootfs/eewiki/minfs/ubuntu-20.04.2-minimal-armhf-2021-04-01.tar.xz


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Thank you!

So I followed the instructions and used the new build you linked. However, when I insert the sd card into the beaglebone, I can’t ssh into it (ssh ubuntu@ and variants). I used to get a pop up on my machine saying a beaglebone device is found but I no longer see that. Any idea what could have gone wrong?

I used am33x-v5.4 and set up the sd card on a machine running ubuntu 20.04.2

I’m a newbie to this so apologies if this a stupid question, which script actually uses the extracted ubuntu-20.04.2-minimal-armhf-2021-04-01 image? Since there was no command that directly mounted that image onto the sd card. Or did I miss something?

That was done here:

sudo tar xfvp ./*-*-*-armhf-*/armhf-rootfs-*.tar -C /media/rootfs/
sudo chown root:root /media/rootfs/
sudo chmod 755 /media/rootfs/

You did that here:

sudo mkdir -p /media/rootfs/
for: DISK=/dev/mmcblkX
sudo mount ${DISK}p1 /media/rootfs/
for: DISK=/dev/sdX
sudo mount ${DISK}1 /media/rootfs/

Ah I see.

Is there any way for me to confirm that I setup the SD card correctly? Unfortunately the setup didn’t work for me, when I insert the sd card into the beaglebone, I can’t ssh into it ( ssh ubuntu@ I used to get a pop up on my machine saying a beaglebone device is found but I no longer see that.

So the factory default images, do that automatically with a massive boot-up script. The images we host on eewiki, are a blank state for you to start from scratch… To access your BBB with the images i host on the eewiki, login either either over serial, ethernet, or wifi.


Oh okay thank you!
If I’m running ubuntu would I use a putty client to do that? When connected to my laptop over the serial usb port I don’t see any new device appear (checking via lsusb)

You’ll need a usb-serial adapter plugged in J1 header (6 pin), then use putty/tera term pro, etc…




Okay I have an ethernet wire connected to it as well, I should then be able to use putty with the default beagle bone ip address and com port number directly or do I have to go with the usb-serial adapter route first?

Check your network router/etc, for the exact ip given to the BeagleBone over the ethernet.


Got it. I managed to connect to it via ethernet by grabbing the settings from my network manager as you suggested.
Would you have any recommendations on how to setup internet through the ethernet wire (This beaglebone doesn’t have wifi). I tried following the steps Networking Setup Connecting the Beaglebone Black to the Internet but it didn’t work for me

Are there any additional changes I need to make on my PC to enable internet over ethernet?
These are the steps I’ve taken so far:

  • Configured the beaglebone to be on the same subnet as my PC’s wifi. I followed the instruction Networking Setup Connecting the Beaglebone Black to the Internet to setup a static ip on the beaglebone and set the gateway (in /etc/network/interfaces) to be the Default Route IP address of my PC’s wifi
  • On my PC side, I manually configured the ethernet port’s ipv4 settings- set a static ip on the same subnet and set the gateway to be the same Default Route IP address.

I can ping back and forth between the PC and beaglebone. But on the beagle when I ping I get Destination Host Unreachable

Are you physically connecting the BeagleBone’s Ethernet port to your Desktop PC’s Ethernet port?

Are you unable to connect both the BeagleBone and PC to the same Network Switch/Router/etc?


Yes I am physically connecting the beaglbone’s ethernet to my PC’s ethernet port. Unfortunately I cannot connect the beaglebone to the router directly