Ubuntu Server 20.04

I was wondering… will RobertCNelson be releasing an Ubuntu Server 20.04 ISO for installing on the Beaglebone Black ?

Hi @milesbdyson, I’ve got a ‘base’ root file system listed here:


I just have not had a free moment to do a “blessed” release on elinux :slight_smile:


I have been merging all our packages from 18.04 -> 20.04 so i think i’m pretty close.


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That’s Great!! … no rush like i said i was just wondering/hoping. thank you for your hard work maintaining this for the Beaglebone Black as i so do appreciate it as i am sure others that prefer and use the Beaglebone Black do…

I think one of my biggest questions for 20.04, do we do the whole connman/etc for usb0/usb1/SoftAp0 like we do in debian, or this time do we just let end user’s deal with ubuntu’s netplan.io network setup?

With 18.04 it was a little fun to drop ubuntu’s netplan.io setup and convert it to connman…


From my personal experience with connman, i fond it much easier and straight forward when setting up the network… static ip’s and wifi… for it was all done threw terminal with a few basic commands, at one time i did go threw trying to edit or create the file for the netplan method and found it a bit confusing with formatting things just right, for the less savvy user my money would be on the connmanctl method for i think its a bit more user friendly, but thats just my thoughts, not sure what work would be involved in keeping the connman… and as for the usb communication methods myself personally i remove or disable all that and simply ssh into the boards for my network. but i can see how some users would need to use the usb for initial communications at the very least…