RE: My Photo and A1250WV-S-02P


I have a BBGG (BeagleBone Green Gateway). It has a I2C RTC with a vBat connector in the form of a A1250WV-S-02P.

I am trying to identify the female connector I can use for this component connector.

Here is the photo.


P.S. I am supposed to connect a 3v coin cell or something similar to the vBat connector onboard the BBGG.

Hi Seth,

The manufacturers recommended mate would be listed here:
Unfortunately, we did not carry this manufacturer.

I have located several possible cross overs, however, slight differences in the housing structure could prevent them from being suitable mates. Please take a look at this list here:

I have sent a request with our warehouse to see if we are able to test if any of these fit. I will keep you posted.

Best regards,


I had confirmed with our warehouse these all were able to fit.

Have a great day.


Hello. Nice. You just might be awesome!


P.S. Thank you.

Hello @Troy_2808,

Does your company carry these connectors with them already wired?


Hi @silver2row, you could try something like one of these: Click Here

Hello Mrs. @Lindsay_1029,

Seth here. I also need some JST-ZH wire assemblies that are already put together. I found this page at your site,, but I think the ZH suffix is not available from your company in that form.

Is this correct?


P.S. I am purchasing five of the WM15250-ND items for use with A1250WV-S-02P male header on the BBGG. I think the item might work. I cannot be completely sure until I purchase it and fasten it to the connector onboard the BBGG.

For the JST ZH series, we have the contacts crimped onto the wires. The only assembly piece left is for you to push them into the back of the housing.

For example, 455-3080-ND fits into housing # ZHR-2.

Lengths available range from 2" up to 12" :

Hello Mrs. @Lindsay_1029 and @Troy_2808,

Thank you both for your support. If things are going to be ready for the new Maker Faire, I would like to be involved and I am working w/ the BBGG and BBBlue with ArduPilot source.


P.S. I just made my order.