Wire to board connector

For a new design, I’m looking for a wire-to-board connector similar to those found attached to the backup battery (CMOS) of my old ThinkPad T420s. Pictures can be found on Lenovo parts lookup: Select by part number, then search for 02K7078.

Ideally I want the cable preassembled with a length of say 50mm. On the board I want the counter part as SMD.

(Think these are quite common, just lazy… :wink:)

We do have a similar Cable Assembly. It is part number WM15248-ND and will be 50mm long. A SMT Header that will mate to that connector is part number WM7606CT-ND . Please take a look and see if it will work for you.


Thanks! I also just discovered that these cables are in the rectangular cable assemblies category. Going through the options now. Actually, two colored cables are mandatory. So that limits the selection (which is good).

We do have other option in that category if you are not set on a certain style. If you are not sure you also can check with our custom department at Custom.Orders@digikey.com to see about making up a cable assembly.

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Thanks for pointing to the custom orders department, wasn’t aware of that possibility!

Checking different connectors now. Unfortunately for some, such as the TE Connectivity AMP Mini CT 292228-2, there is no CAD model link on the Digikey product page. Had to do a bit of searching and found it on the manufacturer’s page.

Alot of the CAD models will be found on the Manufacturer’s websites. We usually do not list the CAD models. If we have a 3D model available that is what we will have listed.

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