Recom Power part number RPM5.0-3.0

I recently had a customer that was applying 3V input, but was not able to get a 5V output.
The part marking and data sheet both say input voltage of 3-17V.
Recom Power has said that the RPM5.0-3.0 part needs at least 5V input to output the nominal 5V output.
If the input voltage is in the range of 3V - 5.15V, the output voltage will be equal to the input voltage.
The Recom Power data sheet team will add an explanation on the next version of the data sheet.

This limitation is communicated on the first page of the datasheet, though not with lights and sirens:

That the output can be trimmed to <3V is where the 3v lower-limit input spec comes from. Availability of similar products capable of performing a buck/boost function makes the output<input constraint of this one non-obvious based on the parametric values and the misunderstanding is, well, understandable…

It’s the sort of situation that illustrates the importance of reading datasheets carefully; things do not always mean what they seem to mean…