RefDes with extra letter in Schem-It

Hello, this is more of a feature request: Can you please allow letters or dash numbers at the end of a reference designator (RefDes), for example U1A?

Often times it is better to split an IC to different symbols. For example, U1 might be a 3 NAND gates and you want to use 3 separate NAND symbols called U1A, U1B, and U1C. Or perhaps U1-1, U1-2, U1-3.

Nearly all schematic programs allow this, but Schem-it does not allow this basic feature.

This is very useful to make a schematic less messy by letting you put gates at different areas in the schematic, instead of wiring everything from different areas of schematic to one big IC.

Thanks for considering.

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@vpatron - The current format for the Reference Designator supports up to 6 letters followed by numbers. Although not optimal, a workaround would be to add “01”, “02”, …etc to the suffix of your RefDes to differentiate the multi-part symbols.
We appreciate your suggestion and will make a note for future improvements to Scheme-it.