Relay replacement for Shenzhen HRW-124L

Hi, I am looking to replace a relay. I believe it is a Shenzhen HRW-124L. (spec sheet at HRW-124LM1 datasheet) I will try an attach a picture. Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about them to find an equivalent at Digi-Key.

Any help is appreciated!

Hello Brokow, unfortunately I do not find a matching part that would fit on the same board and match the pins directly.

Shoot! Thanks for looking into this, Robert.

BTW, what is the hard part to match? The electrical specs or the pin locations?

A multiplicity of rating paradigms can apply, and there’s no good standardized way of communicating pin locations parametrically–the combination of the two sometimes frustrates efforts.

G5LE-14 DC24 or J107F1CS1224VDC.36 look like some possible options worth considering.

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