Relay replacement SCLD W B LM 4PDT C 12VDC

I have a relay that is blown and i want to replace it. The numbers on it are: SCLD W B LM 4PDT C 12VDC but i don’t think the manufacturer (Song Cham) make it anymore. How do i find a replacement? Can someone point me to a suitable replacement part?

Welcome to the TechForum MartyAus,
You didn’t mention if your relay plugged into a socket, or soldered into a circuit board, or what the power rating was. I found some info on the Song Chuan relay, which may be a 5A rated, and I found the spacing of the terminals. Click here for some possible options. 4 of these plug into a socket, and 1 will solder to a circuit board. You can use one rated for higher current, like the 7A or 10A, but you do not want to go lower.
So please check the datasheets to verify the terminal spacing, and make sure the current rating is adequate, compared to your original relay.

Hi MartyAus,

I found a datasheet for your part here. Based on that, it looks like yours is a plug-in type, it has a manual actuator button, and it has a light. Here are a few more relays to take a look at. Note that only the Phoenix Contact relays have lighted indication - the others have a mechanical indicator (a colored flag).

yes, it needs to be plug in as the relay clicks into a base (ie it is not soldered into place)
the internal indicator lights are note important.