Remotely determining if equipment is running

I’m trying to find some transmitter & receiver equipment that I can use to determine if my generator is running or not. The transmission distance is about 40m. I would like to use the signal to close a relay when the generator is running, and open it when its off.

HI @user62, I’m wondering if we might be able to use two ESP32’s to achieve this… How noisy is the environment between both devices? A point to point WiFi might work if it’s pretty open…

Here is the example i’m thinking of:


Hi Robert, Thanks - this could work. I’m just wondering if its the simplest most cost effective solution. The environment between the two points is fairly clear. The generator is free standing outdoors, and I’m trying to send a signal to the building around 35-40m away. direct line of sight in open air. I was thinking of something like a wireless relay remote control receiver:
BMT 433MHZ 1CH RX - Communica [Part No: BMT 433MHZ 1CH RX]

That 433 MHz receiver used in relay latching mode should work OK from a radio transmission standpoint.

You’ll just need to either find a version of the transmitter that isn’t a key fob, or hack one of their key fobs so that your generator running detection circuit can trigger it.

Just thinking of simplistic solutions if IoT isn’t a requirement and if it’s clear line of sight, would it make sense to just plug a light bulb or have a bright indicator light shining for at-a-glance status?

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