Renesas VersaClock6E Programmable Clock Generator

The 5P49V6975 and 5P49V6965 from Renesas are programmable clock generators. The “000” in the part number means this is an un-programmed part left blank for user customization.

The VersaClock® 6E programmer board is made to ease the programming of blank 5P49V6965 or 5P49V6975 devices.

Here are instructions to see how to set up and program the devices.

More information about selecting products in the Programmable Timers and Oscillators category on DigiKey.

Applicable part numbers
DK Part # Mfr Part #
800-3819-ND 5P49V6975A000LTGI
800-5P49V6975A000LTGI8TR-ND 5P49V6975A000LTGI8
800-3818-ND 5P49V6965A000NLGI
800-5P49V6965A000NLGI8TR-ND 5P49V6965A000NLGI8
800-5P49V6965-PROG-ND 5P49V6965-PROG