Replace SLE210K2-S1 Rocker Switch

Need a to replace this switch - SLE210K2-S1. It’s a 15A 20Vdc rocker switch from a cordless sander. I’m not finding anything that matches up. Picture attached. Any suggestions for a replacement?
Rocker Switch

Hello taramsey – welcome to the Forum. I didn’t find any information on your part number. I’m guessing that this is a proprietary part number, created just for the manufacturer of your sander. These are the closest options I found. You can take a look at these to see if the dimensions measure up to those of your switch. Be sure to check the termination style also. These switches are 30Vdc, 15A switches.


Fujisoku is now part of Nidec-Copal.
Here’s the switch, I believe:

The voltage/current rating is different though. Not sure why.
Looks like the contact part of the switch shown in the picture has gone away.

Hope this helps,
Heke, AsamaLab

I have one also, from a Dewalt DCW200B cordless quarter-sheet sander. Probably the same switch is used on the orbital sander, DCW210B. On mine, it would frequently lose contact unless I held the switch down in the on position.

The part shown is only the top part of the switch. Those little T-shaped prongs snap over two tiny plastic lugs on the bottom part of the switch. Opening the sander showed that one of t-prongs had flexed outward and come loose. It did not appear to be brittle, so I cleaned the sawdust off and snapped it back into place. It still had an outward flex that made it not very secure, so I wedged some plastic between it and the sander shell to hold the t-prong down. A blob of hot glue on the outside to provide pressure and hold the t-prong down might be better. It’s a pretty fragile design for a switch used in a high-vibration environment.

As used in the Dewalt, there are a bunch of customizations to the switch. It snaps into a thin piece of phenolic board which in turn holds it in slots in the case. There’s a diode soldered to the top of the switch, a metal bracket that appears to bridge one side, a pair of high-current wires without heatshrink that appeared to be welded or brazed rather than soldered, and a pair of low-current wires with heatshrink on the other side of the (DPST?) switch. Those might be on removable lugs, not sure. If I have to take it apart again, I’ll take pictures and try to verify some of the guesswork.

I haven’t yet found any place selling the switch as a drop-in replacement, or even the unmodified SLE210K2-S1. The 3D model at the Copal link posted by @heke doesn’t show the rubber dust membrane, but it does say “dust proof”. The wire divider at the bottom is different, but maybe modified by Dewalt.

Thanks for the feedback. Dewalt finally confirmed the switch was custom and could not be ordered as a stand alone part.

Hi, Did you ever find a replacement for the switch? I have been looking but can’t find one.

From what has been said it looks like they Dewalt had a version of the below linked modified.

The below were the most similar I had found that are in-stock.
However they are not going to likely have any of the other needed additions that Dewalt may have had done.

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