Replacement 5.7 kyocera lcd screen

Looking for a replacement screen for a T-55265-ABN-4ACT-B 5.7 LCD.
The replacement number I was given is T-55265GD057J-LW-ADN,
Could you tell the difference between T-55265GD057J-LW-ADN AND T-55265GD057J-LW-AMN


Here are the differences I found.

T-55265GD057J-LW-ADN. AG Coating, dimensions 44.0(W)x104.6(H)x13(D) mm. LED Forward voltage Typ. 12.4V/Line
(IF=60mA, Ta=25℃)
T-55265GD057J-LW-AMN. Glare Treatment, dimensions 144.0(W)x104.8(H)x13(D) mm. LED Forward voltage Typ. 11.6V/Line
(IF=60mA, Ta=25℃)

These differences are highlighted in this Engineering Change Notice document: ECN_EDPM2-2207-A0-1107_220802_Rev1.pdf (

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