Replacement battery for a BAC0603R79928 3.7 v lithium polymer battery

I am looking for some replacement batteries for a 3.7v lithium polymer battery that was used in a creative zen product. The specs on the original are: Capacity: 550mAh Size: 46.71 x 33.63 x 2.80mm
The battery is no longer manufactured. Although digikey offered a substitute, it has about twice the thickness of the original and a much higher mah rating. Is there any 3.7 v li-polymer battery that has about the above dimensions available?

Thank you for contacting Digi-Key , the closest ones I am finding to that size will be thicker , these are the closest ones , Part number 1908-LP463042JU+PCM+2WIRES50MM-ND , 44.0mm x 30.5mm x 5.2mm ,
and part number 1908-LP503040JH+PCM+2WIRES50MM-ND , 42.0mm x 30.5mm x 5.4mm ,
The mAh rating will be fine these batteries will just last longer between charging .

Thanks Craig .

Hi Craig,
Thanks for checking on those for me. Unfortunately, the thickness is pretty critical. I have replaced these batteries before (using the original) and there was just barely the space required for them to fit. With nearly twice the thickness of the original, it would be impossible for me to use these thicker batteries and still get the case back together. At one time you did have the thinner batteries but when I checked on them recently, it looked like they were out of stock…
Thanks again,
Don Thomas