Replacement for WLED Driver PF7708BS

Is there a modern replacement for the PF7708BS (Power Force) WLED driver IC. It is an 8-SOP IC. It’s used in the LED backlights circuit of some TVs.

Hello bkrgls,

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I was unable to find a lot of information on the PF7708BS, but Click here for the closest LED driver ICs we carry is the 8-SOP package.

Thanks for any information…LOL! I’ve seen alot of sellers on eBay with some but there are too many counterfeits on there. And the ones that I could find from China that were trustworthy wanted me to buy 30+ pieces. The problem with that was all of the charges just to get them here in the US.
I attached a picture of a schematic of its use in circuit. Thanks again for your help.

I did not find any LED drivers with the same pin-out. I assume you need that.

I couldn’t find a match either. Thank you for all of your effort and time. I really appreciate you responding and helping. If I stumble across something I will surely contact you just in case someone else has the same problem.