Replacement Semiconductor

Hello all,
I am having trouble finding a replacement for semiconductor Part# D1779 or SD1779. Would anyone know where I can find an alternative replacement?

Thank you

Is it a three terminal semiconductor?

If yes then when its part number begins with N it’s 2N, C its 2SC, D its 2SD.
So its possibly a 2SD1779 transistor.

I looked up substitutes in my old Sam’s xistor subs book and got:
NTE229 (NTE), 276-2058 (Radio Shack), SK3246A/229 (RCA) and 121-Z9021 (Zenith).

Reviewing the substitute and 2SD1779 data sheets I’m not confident of those substitutions, they have way too little hfe.

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Thank you very much! That was a huge help. Yes they are 3 terminal semiconductor. I’ll have to place an order for the substitute instead.

Thank you

The D1779 or 2SD1779 transistor is 60V 2A 1W. The NTE229 runs 30V, wouldn’t that pose an issue being less of a value than 2SD1779?

Like I said before

I also checked our system for an equivalent (or better) part for the 60V, 2A, 1W NPN transistor. We do not have anything close to offer.

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