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Please help to advise the washability data for below component.

  1. MPN: ZUS252412, Mfg.: COSEL CO., LTD.
  2. MPN: 0217002, Mfg.: LITTLE FUSE

Component Washability? : (Yes / No)

We only use Deionized Water via Aqueous Machine with Drying process after washing.

Hi zh_kuek

Thank you for reaching TechForum. We are checking on the first two and will let you know when we find out. Unfortunately we do not have info on Raycon Technology since it is not a manufacturer we currently carry.

Hi @zh_kuek ,

Still checking on LittelFuse part. Regarding Cosel part ZU/ZT:

Hi @zh_kuek ,

Below is our product managers response regarding Littelfuse 0217002:
Here is the response from Littelfuse.
“The 217 Cartridge fuse is not hermetically sealed.”

Per this document, Littelfuse does not offer oil immersed or hermetically sealed fuses.