Resources on how to use ULPSM sensors in MicroPython

Is there a guide out in the internet about using the ULPSM sensors in Air quality monitoring projects with the ESP32 via MicroPython? Or are ULPSM sensors even compatible with ESP32 and micropython in the first place?

I have some experience working with air quality sensors but I used the arduino IDE in the past and now I’m required to use MicroPython which I’m currently only about to study.

Thank you in advance,

There are some YouTube videos.
How to set up ESP32 temperature sensor w/ Phyphox datalogging app using Bluetooth & Arduino IDE? - YouTube
and also How to Create a Weather Station With Sensors and an ESP32 - YouTube
You should be able to find more by searching on YouTube or Google.
Maybe one of the Engineers can add to this post with some help on this type of setup.


I’ve noted the videos you linked to me but I noticed that both of them used Arduino IDE just like all the vids I’ve watched in the past. My question is. is the implementation of the sensors (especially the ULPSM sensors from digikey) on Arduino IDE similar to what should be done on MicroPython? Are these sensors supposed to be “plug and play” such that I only need to read the ADC pin of the ESP32,which is connected to the sensor, in my algorithm that I made on MicroPython? Or do i need to still install packages? If so, where can I find them? The packages listed on github are only for Arduino IDE.