Where can i find the libraries of ULPSM sensors for MircoPython?

The title says it all. Is there a way to make algorithm for ULPSM sensors using micropython? Where can i find libraries for this? Thank you!


Arduino libraries for the ULPSM are available on the github site, but I’m unaware of any similar resources for micropython environments. It doesn’t actually do much other than take an ADC reading and run some pretty basic math on it, so it ought not be a terribly difficult thing to write for oneself.

Are you saying that ULPSM libraries are not needed to run the ULPSM sensors using micropython? Can I even make an algorithm for collecting data from the ULPSM sensors in micropython?

Software libraries don’t fall from the sky when a new device is developed; somebody has to write them. If that hasn’t been done yet for your choice of language/platform, congratulations; the task is yours.