RF remote, Mini, self powered, Line level cutoff switch

I want to be able to interrupt the Ring input to the amp from the stereo Rode Wireless GO II; with a mini wireless remote cutoff. I have no idea how to do this.

Hello sgscott,

Thanks for your inquiry. Below would be some wireless options that may work, these aren’t self powered however. The output can be momentary or switched on/off using a jumper on the circuit board. The output is simply a relay contact (switch). These use either 12v or 24v, so a power supply would likely be needed, along with a male to female audio cable to splice into, you would have to verify the type of audio cord used as far as size and number of contacts, below cord option is just a guess.

Click here for transceivers FOBLOQF-4S1-ND | FOBLOQF-4S2-ND | FOBLOQF-4S3-ND | FOBLOQF-4S4-ND


Male/Female Cord:
Click here for 1528-1921-ND