RFI connect for data signal Neopixels from arduino PWM


Hello all,

I have detailed a long post on imgur to do with my design problem as you can read about it here.

After some feedback, I received replies to tell me to look into spring fingers. I have found some connectors such as

and I have also seen these “clips” that are used for RFI shields. I was just wondering if there is such a component that is similar that clips onto PCBs and has good connection material such as gold/silver?


Could I use components like these to make an electrical connection to a copper or brass rail?

Daniel Sutton.



I am sorry. I am unable to locate anything like what you are describing in gold or silver. I also looked at part number 903-1186-ND , but it is only in copper. . No gold or silver in the style you would like. it does not appear to be something we have.


Hello @DanielDoesDesign,

I found a couple of items that may be of interest to look at.

I think the best option would still be a right angle smt spring contact such as ED90458-ND I believe that you would be able to use this part for your application. This is also a normally stocking part here at Digi-Key and maybe the best price point of the options I have looked at.

Here are a couple other ideas I looked at though not as optimal.
First is a Battery Contact. 478-5450-1-ND This is an option, however looking at your design I am concerned the tabs may be facing the wrong direction and would have excessive wear and could be too far from center once added to the board.

Another option may be connector ED1479-ND Again I have a concern that the offset of the pins on this connector will be just too much for your design.

If I can be of further assistance please feel free to contact me.
Thank you