RR9LZ3000USBCG2(R6B) GlobTek, Inc. firmware

There was a firmware change for 1939-1737-ND (GlobTek, Inc. RR9LZ3000USBCG2(R6B) on 4/22/2021. Going forward, we will only be able to get the firmware version GTF-B361-1. If the older firmware “GTF-E183” is needed, please check online to see if another supplier has any stock left with that firmware.


The firmware GTF-E183 is specific to GlobTek’s USB PD devices but the new firmware,GTF-B361-1, is equivalent to the old just updated to match the current requirement sof the chipset in use. It’s not possible to find Firmware GTF-E183 from any other supplier!