Safe Handling of Thermal Putty TG PP10

I was viewing the safety sheet of the TG PP10 thermal putty, and I had a few questions.

I know that it says to avoid contact with skin, and to avoid inhalation. Would latex gloves provide adequate protection for safe handling of the putty, or should I wear something more protective?
Also, do I need to wear some type of mask while applying it, or would a surgical mask/cloth mask suffice? (Maybe apply the putty outdoors?)

I am only wanting to use the putty to help efficiently cool vrm and Vram chips on the pcb/ motherboard of a video card.

I took at look at the Safety Data sheet here

Below is what they list. Seems like you would be ok with latex gloves and masking would depend on ventilation.

8.2. Exposure controls
Respiratory protection: Not necessary if room well ventilated.
Hand protection: Rubber gloves.
Eye protection: Safety glasses.
Skin protection: Plastic apron.