Samsung Galaxy S9 - Long Ribbon Cable Needed

I’m seeking a 1m to 2m flexible extension cable so I can remove the camera module from the Samsung Galaxy S9 and place it 1-2m from the actual phone body. Essentially a long ribbon cable from the camera to the phone. Looks like 48 conductors. The connector type may be Digi-Key Part Number 1253-245843048002829, but I’m not completely sure.

Ultimately, I’m seeking some 1m to 2m extension cables that can connect between the camera module and logic board in the Galaxy S9.

I’ve attached some pics of the connectors here. Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi RichardJ,

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Unfortunately, we do not have any way to confirm what connector is used on your phone. The 1253-245843048002829 does look like it, so it may well be that part.

However, there is still the issue of creating a circuit board onto which you would have to solder that connector and then solder another 48 conductor cable connector onto that custom circuit board to hold the actual cable. There is also the issue of signal integrity when running high-speed video signals over a flat flex cable over lengths of 1m or more. There is a high likelihood of serious signal degradation.

If your goal is to have remote video transmitted to your phone, I would suggest, as an alternative, to either find a Wifi capable camera and link to it wirelessly, or, using a USB-OTG adapter, you can use a USB camera and cable.

Thank you so much for the informative reply1

I am unclear the need for a new circuit board. Currently, the camera module has the connector that pairs with the connector on the logic board.

I suspect that the connection could be made with a (male/female) extension cable with those same connectors.

It is a great concern of mine that the signal will not pass over a distance that is so much longer (1 to 2 meters). Is there any way to determine this other than have a cable built to try it?

Also, assuming these aren’t readily available at such a length, where could I get a cable like this made, so I can test it?

Hi RichardJ,

There are no cables available with these connectors already attached. Cables like this are pretty much always custom made. If you note, the connector is attached to a circuit board and the cable is also attached to that circuit board. This requires special equipment to produce, and is not conducive to one-off production, as set-up costs would be prohibitive.

I would again suggest that you find another solution using an external camera and one of the methods I mentioned above.


Thanks again for your feedback!

Based on your input and what I have found elsewhere, I think we’ll need to go to Plan B, which is far more robust, doesn’t require custom ribbon cables, can be done with mostly off-the-shelf parts, and an inexpensive custom part.

Because the likelihood of success is limited, the cables would be expensive to produce in low quantities, and would likely be very delicate. None of those qualities are ideal.

I really do appreciate your help. If nothing else, I have found a great resource for future projects!

Again, thank you.