Seeking Recommendations: Low friction, foam gasket tape for dryer filter cartridge

I’m working on a project involving a GE washer/dryer combo and facing a challenge with the lint filter design. The filter allows a significant amount of lint to bypass, leading to accumulation on the condenser coils. I’m looking for a sealing solution and would appreciate your recommendations.


  • Filter Cartridge Issue: There’s about 3/16” vertical play in the slot, which is where the lint seems to escape.
  • Dimensions: The cartridge tapers from 0.9” to 1.1” in thickness.
  • Design Constraint: The cartridge has alignment slots at the top and bottom, so a standard 1” wide foam tape won’t work without obstructing these slots.

I’m considering a 0.5” wide gasket tape, offset to avoid the slots. My main concern is finding a material that can withstand high temperatures (around 180F), moisture, and the friction from insertion and removal.

I think the ideal would be some kind of UHMW coated foam gasket tape about 1/16” thick. That way it would have low friction for insertion/removal, but could still conform to the space and provide better sealing. Something like this perhaps: PT6405 1X10 TapeCase | Tapes, Adhesives, Materials | DigiKey Marketplace

I’ve attached some images to give a better idea of the setup. What would be recommended for a durable, heat-resistant gasket material in this scenario?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hello hempinstead, welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
I’m not sure of good solution for this, but what’s great about the forum, is that one of the engineers may have a solution, and can add to this post. Good luck with the project.