Sensirion sps30 JST ZHR type connector to qwiic cable

I was curious if anyone knows a way to convert sps30 to use qwiic cable. The sps30 uses a 5 pin JST ZHR type connector. Is there an adapter/connector to convert to 4 pin qwiic cable? Thanks!

Welcome to the Tech Forum! I am not aware of a cable that converts the two.

I found something close but not sure it will fit. I am not sure what the difference is between JST ESLOV and JST ZHR. Would this work?

5-pin JST ESLOV to 4-pin JST SH STEMMA QT / Qwiic Cable

The pitch for 5 position is 1.00mm. The pitch for the connector on the SPS30 is 1.5mm. The other issue is that other qwiic devices work on 3.3V, the SPS30 uses 5V.

I appreciate the help. Thanks!