Sharp PQ05RF1 and PQ30RV1 voltage regulators?


I am looking to change two voltage regulators types that does not seem to be made anymore. I am looking for products replacement / upgrade for Sharp PQ05RF1 and PQ30RV1 voltage regulators.

Is there anyone that could help me out identifying either a direct same replacement or an upgrade (even better)? This is for a game console (the Sega Wondermega made in 1992).

Here are the main specs:

Sharp PQ05RF1
5V Output - Output voltage precision:±5%

Sharp PQ30RV1
Low power-loss (Dropout voltage : MAX.0.5V)
Variable output voltage (setting range : 1.5 to 30V)

Thanks in advance!


Hello Charles,

The closest option for the 5v part is KA78R05CTU-ND. Its obsolete but the MarketPlace supplier has stock and the part has a 200pc min. Unfortunately, nothing in the same package case size (TO-220-4) that you can order individual pieces.

I was unable to locate a replacement for the PQ30RV1.