[SiTime SiT95141] can I order custom parts?

Hi, sir/madame:
I am looking for pre-programmed SiTime part SiT95141 with 40MHz and 1GHz LVDS differential clock output. Could I order it?

If this SiT95141 is not available, is there any other pre-programmed SiTime part available for 40MHz OR 1GHz LVDS differential output? 40MHz has the priority demand.

Brad Lin

The SiTime website appears to indicate that this product is not yet in full production, but only available as engineering samples at this time. To obtain such samples, I would suggest contacting SiTime directly.

Thanks for feedback. Does Digikey has any other pre-programmed clock generator of 1.8V 40MHz and 1GHz differential LVDS clock output from other manufacturers? It can be on one chip or two separate chips.

It’s not entirely clear whether in referring to a “clock generator” you’re thinking of a device which performs frequency multiplication, source selection, and other such functions, as opposed to a device which simply serves as a time/frequency reference; devices of the latter sort would be classified simply as oscillators. Among those there are a number listed for 40MHz and 2 GHz frequencies, though the character of LVDS tends to favor devices compatible with 2.5V+ supplies.

I am looking for a (or a few) chips which is driven by a crystal (built-in osc is even better) to generate 40MHz and/or 1GHz diff LVDS clocks. Since I will use ac coupling, in theory, 2.5V would work, but 1.8V is still preferred due to restriction of power supply. It would be better that no programing is required; power the chip up and the clock output shows up.

I am wondering if you could suggest some available options from Digikey. Thanks!

Try the RC22514 from Renesas. It should be capable of everything you are describing