SMD 5 Pin Regulator

Hello All,

Can you please assist me to get the details of the below IC?
its label “LD6YX”


Hello, @motaz_althaher! Welcome to the forum. Do you have a further description of this IC’s function? Sounds like it is a voltage regulator, any other details you can provide?

Possibly the Torex XC9236C36CMR-G or the Shanghai Belling BL8534CB5TR36. See here for listing of parts marked “LD6”.

See here for XC9236C36CMR-G datasheet and here for datasheet of the BL8534CB5TR36. Note that they have similar/same markings but have different pinouts.

Unfortunately, we don’t stock either part and I don’t see any other parts which meet the same footprint and electrical specs.

Actually this IC located in board related to Honeywell IP camera model: H3W2GR1.
when test the IC the voltages will be as illustrated in below picture:

The problem in the board in general that the power did not reach 3W to all the camera connected with the host, the power reach only 1.6w only while in the working probably camera the power reach 3w then 5w

I don’t know if this IC caused this fault or no since I didn’t recognize it

Hard to say what the problem is there. Your reported measurements do seem to have values sort of consistent with the XC9236C36CMR-G, and not at all consistent with the BL8534CB5TR36. However, a properly functioning part would have a voltage of 3.6V on Vout in the diagram below rather than 5V.


Assuming it’s the XC9236, Lx would be a high-speed switching pin, so you could not accurately measure it with a multimeter. You would need an oscilloscope to properly measure that pin. It should switch between Vin and Vss at 1.2MHz. It would be connected to an inductor, as shown in the application circuit shown below:


I would expect the CE pin to be nearly the same as Vin when operating and less than 0.25V when in stand-by mode. The 1.7V you measure is not what one would expect.