SMT Electrolytic Capacitor with no Voltage Rating

Hello @lkrcai38,

Welcome to our TechForum. We would need to the size of that capacitor to be able to confirm the correct one. But from the part markings, it looks like it could be one of these two options. Please refer to datasheets and specifications to determine if either one will work for you.

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Can anyone help identifying this capacitor:

another from the same device:


Could someone identify these? Looks like voltage and capacitance are clear. I a

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m confused because they are not the usual round shape of electrolytic caps. The have polarity. Might they be a different type of cap?

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I have a couple of capacitors on a Synology NAS board which seem very similar in capacitance but i would like to check that they are in fact both 100 micro farad as the numbering is different. The red one is Radial 6.3mm diameter and the purple one is SMD 6.3mm diameter

The 100 would be 10uF
The 101 would be 100uF.

Thank you so much.

So by that numbering convention am I correct to assume the 330 would be 33 uF and 331 is 330 uF?
Also the 560 is 56 uF and 561 is 560 uF?

You are correct, under this marking system the 3 numbers represented the capacitance value where the first two numbers are the value and the third number represents the number of zeroes placed after the first to numbers. 561 is 56 with 1 zero after for 560 , another example is 562 which would be 56 with 2 zeroes after for 5600 and so on.

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Hi all,
I’m trying to find out what the manufacturer of those is. I’m pretty sure about the values but I need to find out what the sealing material is to know if they need replacing.


The markings are:

  • E1DV 560 6.3V
  • G.1N1 270 16V

Also note the “-” in the blue marking.

Any Idea what the manufacturer could be?


cap 560 6.3v 399-13662-ND
cap 270 16v 565-4812-ND

check to make sure the diameter and the height are matching

Hey guys, what do you think about these animals? Two flavors used on this part

330/6v I think? What about the other markings?

Would you be able for suggest a modern replacement with similar ESR?

Thanks !

Welcome to the technical forum. Well it is hard to say on ESR as we do not know the MFG for the parts. I can pretty much say per the Forum post at the top. This is 330uf at 6.3 volts. I can give links to some options. Though I am unable to narrow down by size as you did not list one. Here is the link:

As far as knowing the ESR there is nothing with the part markings indicating that information. We do list teh ESR rating on some of the lower rated Capacitors on the link provided. Otherwise if the data sheet does not list the ESR , you can calculate it. Here is the link on how to do that: Calculating capacitor ESR from Tan(δ)

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I have a Fluke 96b Scope Meter and am having a hard time identifying 4 surface mount Capacitors. 3 of the 4 seem to rest out bad. I am thinking one is a 100 ohm 63 volts and the other 3 are 10 ohm 50 Volts.

Hello runningbear27. Many of the HB series capacitors from Panasonic are obsolete, but we do have the 10uf 50v EEE-HB1H100P in stock. This is Digi-key part number PCE4143CT-ND. According to the datasheet, the “J” indicates 6.3V rather than 63V on the 100uf capacitor. These are the stocking options we have of the 100uf 6.3V. Please be sure to compare the physical size of the capacitors on your board and if these do not match, provide the sizes we can check for alternatives.

Hello @stampie

The smaller CAP marked 5C 100 CZA appears to be 565-EMZA160ARA101MF61GCT-ND

Here is the marking information from the datasheet.


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Thanks for your help Robert.

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I just felt the need to follow up on the above….

After the advice of Robert, I ordered the recommended part and after less that 48hrs I received the UPS delivery to my UK address this morning.
I have just replaced the faulty item and the unit is now reassembled and working perfectly.

This has saved me almost 100GBP and at least a 2 week wait on a replacement board from Pioneer.

Massive thanks on a fantastic service.

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Alright, I guess I’m in need of some assistance here as well. I need a lonely stinking ONE of these. 47 uF? Black markings:
6A (pretty sure it’s an ‘A’ not a Cyrillic ‘de’ - д)



Based on marks and size I guess it’s a 47uF ~6V electrolytic.

Here’s a selection of 5mm diameter and 5 to 6 mm tall parts.

You should check the data sheets to make sure the lead lengths will fit on that PCB.