Snap in AC outlet

Looking for a snap in AC outlet for an existing panel. My opening is 29mm tall x 19.6 mm wide.

What you’re after is likely found in the Power Entry Connectors family.

Use the “panel cutout dimensions” filter to select items that fit, and the other filters to select things like current rating, plug style, etc.

I typed Power Entry Connectors in the search bar. I did not see “panel cutout dimensions” as a filter option. I see in stock, normally stocking, new product, data sheet, photo, EDA/CAD Models, RoHS Compliant &Non RoHS Compliant.

I see it now.

The data sheet for 88212100 does not show the correct part # on it. Is it the correct data sheet?

I see the 88212100 module requires a panel cutout of 27.20mm x 19.60mm, and will accept a panel thickness of 0.81mm ~ 2.00mm. If the part number is not on the datasheet, then it would not be the correct datasheet.
You can try contacting the supplier INTERPOWER, and see if they have a correct datasheet.
Tech Ref # T4272212