Need help getting the proper part number

I’m needing help in selecting the proper part. I purchased "189-774W-10/02-ND " but the gap between the panel and the snaps is far too narrow. I’m trying to put these in a 3D printed case.
The item must be able to carry 30A @ 250v AC and 15A @ 120v AC.
I don’t MIND screw type but I would much prefer snap in. If the spade connectors are rated at 15A that is a major plus.
from what I can tell the bzh09 is a perfect fit? but they are not available.
If there is a switch that is just an extra plus.
I could really use some help sourcing this out.


Products of this sort tend to be designed for incorporation into mass-produced items, which are generally made of sheet metal or injection-molded plastic enclosures. These materials/processes tend to yield thinner walls than 3D printed enclosures, and as such the selection of snap-in products that may work in your case is likely to be limited. The “Panel Thickness” filter parameter might be of some aid in finding products that could work.

I’d suggest filtering on the basis of your electrical requirements first, seeing what’s available, and working around that.