SO-239 Connectors

I am looking for some lock nuts and lock washers for SO-239 connectors. Can anyone recommend what to order from here? TIA

Hello ve3cna - welcome to the Forum community. I am not certain what hardware you need for the
SO-239 connector so I have e-mailed my Product Specialist for his suggestions. As soon as I have his reply, I will post it for you.

This is the reply that my Product Specialist received from one of his suppliers: “I consulted engineering regarding the lock nuts/washers for our SO-239 connectors. Given that our SO-239 connectors are panel mounted, they shouldn’t need a nut and lock washer, just use the 4 hole flange mounting points. If the customer is using some other UHF jack, best advice is to pick one based on the thread size and check for interference with the plug. So the advice is to check the thread on your connectors in order to choose the proper hardware.

I replied via email so I’m not sure if it made it through. I’m in need of a lock washer and lock nut which is 5/8 inch. Here is a screenshot of what I need those particular pieces for. Thank you for your response.

Hello. It doesn’t look like we have the hardware you need. These are the options for nuts and washers we have in 5/8". Sorry we couldn’t help!

Any possibility you could set me up with just a regular washer? Will will definitely go with the locking nuts

Hi ve3cna,

It looks to me that if you attempted to place a nut and lock washer on that connector, you will likely run out of thread space to allow a mating connector to adequately couple together.

It would seem more prudent to mount the connector to a panel using the four flange mounting holes provided and leave the entire threaded area for the mating connector. Doing otherwise greatly increases the chance of a poor mating of the two connectors.

As an alternative, I might suggest you consider this connector as a panel-mount UHF connector designed to be mounted via a nut and lock washer:

# 83-878-RFX

Beautiful! Thank you!

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