Solder/Desolder Station

Hello, I am building several electronic kits. Can you please recommend a complete solution:

  1. Solder and Desolder Station
  2. I am looking for something in $500 range for everything or less.
  3. Most of the parts are on a standard PCB and it includes lots of led lights and other elecronic comonents. The parts I am soldering are not all micro surface mount. Most parts are traditional electronic components: Led, resistor, Capacitor, etc.
  4. Can you include the complete parts needed for a solder/desolder station including lead free solder.



For the solder/de-solder station, WR2000VXN-ND Click here
For the solder Click here
Also additional solder tips as needed Click here

Note the station would come with stands, handles, and tips listed on the page linked above.

“Desolder” is an expensive word that doesn’t buy one much when combined with “station” in my opinion. For the sort of work described, a quality soldering iron and a desoldering braid or pump will get the job done, and the WE1010EDU-ND kit will include much of what you’re after at a price point well below your mark.