Soldering to SMA bodies

I use SMA flange terminators like A122106-ND. The price of similar gold parts has been creeping up over time, and I would like to change to plain (non-gold or “silver”) parts. The plain parts have good RF performance, but I can’t use some of them because solder will not stick to the flange. When the non-gold parts show up, some are smooth tinned, and I can solder to them. Others are bare steel, with tool marks, and solder will not stick to them. All show up in the specs as “silver” finish.

Is there any way I can tell from the specs which of the “silver” parts will take solder and which will not?


Thank you for your request.

My best suggestions is to look at the datasheets for the parts that you are considering to see if there is a finish on the part or if it is bare metal. If the finish is tinned or silver you would be able to solder to it.

Technical reference number T4183914