Standard Board House Specifications

At the bottom of Getting Started – PCB Builder | DigiKey Electronics there is a list of “Standard Board House Specifications”. There are some key parameters missing for DkRed:

  • Thickness of the lines used to draw the board outline. Does it need to match the router bit, or do you route to the middle of each line?

  • What clearance is required between pads and solder mask (aka “solder mask expansion”)

I would suggest looking at the design rules in Eagle or KiCad for a complete list.

Hi @dan.carson,thank you for your questions. Here’s what our board house had to say:

Regarding the board outline: we route to the center of the line.
As for the clearance question, the clearance required between pads and solder masks are 2.5 mils per side.

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Thanks very much. I guess I’ll go ahead and try it out today!

One more: Minimum distance from board outline to copper feature?

I need to order today. I hope 20mils is okay.

I expect 20 mil clearance would be adequate.

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Hi Dan, thank you for your patience. We clarified with the board house that 20 mils is good to go.

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