Stepper Motors Characteristics

Stepper Motors are brushless DC motors which can be driven by pulses. Stepper motors can divide their full rotation into a number of discrete step movements. The sequence of the applied pulses is directly related to the direction of motor shafts rotation. The speed of the motor shaft’s rotation is directly related to the frequency of the input pulses. The length of rotation is directly related to the number of input pulses applied.

Stepper motors are a good solution whenever controlled movement is required. Even those stepper motors that come without any position feedback are still easy to drive and rotate accurately.

Most stepper motors’ advantages

  1. Precision Positioning
  2. Excellent control of rotational speed
  3. Larger low speed torque, compared to servo motor
  4. Low cost and availability

Most stepper motors’ limitations

  1. Low efficiency
  2. Torque decrease rapidly with high speed
  3. No position feedback
  4. Resonances may occur if not properly controlled

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