------Question for B32676Z5106K000 Please Put your question below------

Do you have any substitutes?

Hello Speedcrew,

I was able to find the three capacitors linked HERE that may work. They do have a higher AC and DC voltage rating and the physical size is wider and taller, but they do have the same lead spacing as the B32676Z5106K000.

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How about a sub for this one?

Or this one. It’s off the film capacitor
Z122441834 67G

Hello Speedcrew. The closest stocking substitute I found for B32676G4106J000 is
399-C4AEGBU5100A1YJ-ND. This is a 4-lead product, though. ESR is 7.4mohm vs 7.3mohm. 2870-MKP1848610454K2-ND is a two lead.
The ESR is 8mOhms vs original of 73mohmsI’m sorry, I wasn’t able to identify the value and voltage of Z122441834 67G. Sorry I wasn’t able to help on that one.

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Thank you. Ordered. Have a great day

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