Swann DVR Overheating

I have a Swann Security system DVR8-4580V that is constantly overheating. I already replaced it once. There is no fan or other heat management that I can see. What could I use or add to keep the temperature down? Running it 24/7 keeps it a little warm.

Hi Mike,

It’s probably best you contact the manfacturer, www.swann.com about the issue and see if they already have a solution.

There are endless possible solutions if you just want to add a fan.

Take a look at these options
Rack options - Boxes, Enclosures, Racks | Rack Thermal Management | DigiKey
Heat sink options - Fans, Thermal Management | Thermal - Heat Sinks | DigiKey
Thermal pad options - Fans, Thermal Management | Thermal - Pads, Sheets | DigiKey
Ac fans - Fans, Thermal Management | AC Fans | DigiKey
DC fans - Fans, Thermal Management | DC Brushless Fans (BLDC) | DigiKey

Take a look at these products and if you think anything looks like you may be interested let us know and we can assist you further.

Technical reference number T4273598.