Symbol builder is broken

Hi, Looks like your symbol builder in Scheme-it has a few issues.
1, sometimes the symbol is not loaded into the editor, & it comes up blank.
2, When building a new symbol it turns out different as in the screen shot.

3, when modifying a symbol and then saving it, you have to call it a different name.
4, when modifying a symbol it sometimes freezes & nothing works, or the center line arear & cant be removed.

It was working fine a few months ago.

Hi @cwing,
Thank you for reporting the Scheme-it symbol editor bugs. I can confirm that numbers 1 and 3 are known and currently being worked on.
Could you please provide an example for number 2 and 4? Feel free to send responses to me directly if you prefer.

Hi Cody,
Thanks for the quick reply,
example of fault 2:

example of fault 4:

The center lines stay on then it locks up & only the blue box can be moved around.


@cwing Thank you for the screenshots and additional information! The Scheme-it team has now been made aware of these bugs.