Techspray - Diagnose Faulty Circuits with Freeze Spray

To help with troubleshooting a circuit board when there is a bad solder joint or faulty component. Freeze Spray can be used to help identify where the issue is located.

To use the Freeze Spray; power and spray the PCB, then wait for the frost to build up. Check for melted areas, if the frost disappears quickly, this could be a good indicator of any elevated resistance or shorted circuit.



Freeze Spray
Digi-Key Part Number 1873-1003-ND
Techspray Part Number 1672-10S
Freeze Spray 10 oz

Digi-Key Part Number 1873-1108-ND
Techspray Part Number 1672-15S
Freeze Spray 15 oz

Digi-Key Part Number 1873-1009-ND
Techspray 1747-10S
Anti-static Freeze Spray


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