Temperature and Humidity Gauge

I am looking for a mechanism that measures temperature, humidity and wind. Is there such a thing? I read about the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature but not sure that the bulb will work out. I need something somewhat flat.

I hope someone can help me!


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I have looked into this request and while I have found some all in one weather station / environmental tester products that could sense wind, temperature, and humidity, I was not able to find any others that could do all three.
Click this link to see those options:

I do apologize and hope this helps!

Thanks! I don’t know that these will work. I’m really looking for the mechanism that make these devices work versus the actual device. Thanks again!

This can be used as a part of the device. I have used this part to make my own temperature and humidity control unit.


There are several parts like this in our sensors section, some more advanced ones also measure co2 or have other abilities.

Yes, that’s it! Can I do a search for “sensors” to find the more sensitive ones?

I recommend searching within the Evaluation Board selection.
You can use the “Search within results” search bar, located near the top left of the filters box, to narrow down the options to match the type of sensor you are hoping for.
For example, I searched for “Temp” and “Humidity” and came up with 91 stocking and active options : https://www.digikey.com/short/49bq7h00
Many of which have additional capabilities, such as light, air quality, barometer, and even accelerometer. You can see those capabilities listed in the “Function” filter.

Thanks Jonathan! That should keep me busy for a bit.

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