TEN 50WI Series

Hi all,

I would like to use one of the components in this series. I have some questions which are listed below, so please could you answer them.

  1. Question from page 4. I would like to have a constant output voltage, so I don’t want the output voltage adjustment to either increase or decrease. So, what should I do to keep the output voltage constant?.

  2. Question from pages 3 and 4. How to turn on and turn off the converter remotely?. If we make connections as described in the specification of Remote on/off under the General specifications. Then, the converter will turn on or turn off permanently. If I’m wrong please correct me.

  3. If using one of the components from this series, then. Don’t we need to use any additional circuitry at the input and output stages?. Usually, we will use some capacitors and inductors at the input and output stages of the converters.

Thank you.

  1. If you do not adjust the voltage, the output will be constant, with an accuracy of ±1.0 % max.
  2. The datasheet says to remotely turn it ON, you need to put 3.5 to 12 VDC to -Vin or open circuit. To remotely turn it OFF, you need to put 0 to +1.2 VDC or short circuit to -Vin.
  3. Modules like this should have capacitors and inductors installed internally for the input and output circuits.
  1. This answer is not clear to me. Are you talking about the input voltage adjustment?. If I don’t have any input adjustments, then how the output voltage of this converter would be… Is that will vary?. Or not?.
    If I don’t want output voltage adjustments, then, Do I need to left open (not connecting to any thing) the Trim pin?.

  2. Yes, I saw those conditions in the datasheet, but, how the converter will ON and OFF remotely. Can we control the converter remotely with some wireless protocols. If so, then how we can configure them with this converter?. If not the case, then, what exactly remotely meaning?.
    From my understanding, If we make the connections as shown in the datasheet, then, those connections will make the converter to turn ON or OFF permanently. Moreover, the pin 2 is allocated for GND, Right?. Then, how we can connect the positive voltage to this pin 2.

  3. Understand, Thank you.