Terminal Block & Crimp Tool

I have a customer who is looking to replace their current 10-pin screw type green terminal block with a 10-pin terminal block that is compatible with TE p/n 66105-4 and the crimp tool that would be used to crimp those ten 66105-4’s to the terminal block.

It seems unusual to pick a terminal and then select a connector to match. 207396-1 would appear to be a 10-position housing that could accept those contacts. See the “mating products” section further down the page for products suitable for the board side of the connection.

The customer replied with the following:
The objective is to replace our current screw type terminal with a plug type terminal that can be crimped. And once it’s crimped, we want to be able to use a separate tool to be able to “push out” or “unplug” individual connectors if necessary.
The one that they recommended doesn’t seem as if it would fit or be compatible with our controller. There isn’t enough space on either side to support those “clamps”. Maybe on the left side (first pic) but definitely not the right side (second pic).

Please advise. Thanks.